18th and Vine – KC BBQ in Texas

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In Texas, we do things different from the rest of the planet and we’re proud of that. We’re not the South, we’re Texas. Texans like their things Texan.

America knows this, accepts it and panders to it. It’s why there are “Texas Edition” trucks (ever seen a Delaware Edition?), Texas toast and Texas BBQ. Bad mouthing great things Texas, especially BBQ, could quite possibly get you shot.

When Pitmaster Matt Dallman and Chef Scott Gottlich (Bijoux) set out to launch 18th & Vine BBQ, a Kansas City-style BBQ joint in the heart of BBQ country, it likely gave them pause.


Grapefruit and Avocado Salad with Cedar Plank Salmon

Grapefruit and avocado salad with cedar plank salmon

My wife has been hinting at getting into the Whole30 movement, which I have to admit, might not be the worst idea. It would significantly cut into my quality lunch adventures and put a huge dent into man night Thursdays. But, eating better on a consistent basis is something that should be part of my life.


TJ’s Seafood + FCBC – Super Friends Unite


TJ’s Seafood is one of my favorite places and Jon Alexis is one of my favorite people. So when I saw the Facebook post alerting me that TJ’s was debuting their new Love Muscle Oyster Stout with partners Four Corners Brewery Co., I was down.

We collected the kids and traveled west to FCBC in Trinity Groves.

Sure enough, there was Jon, set up with one of his chefs shucking DuxBury oysters. We grabbed ourselves a pint, a half dozen and sat down for a little fun in the sun.


Turkey and Sweet Potato Chili

Turkey and sweet potato chili_recipe_hero

I have a great friend, Jeff, who is very specific about what is and isn’t a chili. East Texas boys can be that way. If it has rice and beans included, you’re gonna get smacked in the head. Simply saying that this dish, made with turkey and sweet potato is a “chili”, will get you publicly called out on Facebook.

Jeff FB Reply

Regardless of where your personal chili policies fall, one thing is true…this is a damn tasty dish.


The Theodore – Mall Food Just Leveled Up

the theodore_sign

Growing up and to this day, going out to eat has always been an event. I still get all jazzed up when I head out the door, knowing I’m going to a restaurant. Fast food or to-go orders, on the other hand, don’t really hype me up the same way. And, until recently, the same could be said for grabbing a bite at the mall. The mall meal is no more than a necessary evil between buying socks and jeans that usually leaves you hating yourself from eating Panda Express.

When I heard that Dallas super chef Tim Byres (Smoke, Bolsa, Chicken Scratch, The Foundry) was opening his new opus The Theodore, at NorthPark Center mall, I was…meh. But, this is Tim Byres, the man responsible for some of my favorite meals over the past few years. He gets the benefit of the doubt.