bittermilk_buffalo trace_cocktail

The below is not a paid review. I’m just a guy that’s into a product and want to help you make better decisions when choosing what to drink. That said, I recently came across what I’m going to say, is a game changer in casual, home drinking.

I give you, Bittermilk. It’s essentially a high-quality, concentrated cocktail mixer in a glass bottle, just waiting for liquor to be added. They call their product “Cocktail Mixer Compounds”, which as a marketer, I can totally appreciate.

Originally, I found them floating around Instagram and gave them a follow. On NYE, as I braved the mayhem at my local Central Market, I saw them on display and decided what the hell and grabbed a bottle.

I opted for the Smoked Honey Whiskey Sour and wasn’t disappointed. There’s no liquor in the mixer, so I used Buffalo Trace. It calls for equal parts Bittermilk to Bourbon/Whiskey, so we went 2oz of each, for each drink. A buddy of mine polished off a bottle off that night, ending up with about 10 drinks in the bottle. And yes, this was partially the reason we didn’t see the ball drop (so sleepy).

Careful, these are EXTREMELY easy to drink. Typically my issue with “sweet” drinks is they leave you hammered and truly paying for it the next day. Not at all the case with these.*

I love making drinks at home but damn it, it can be a giant hassle. Who has time for that!? Using Bittermilk was shockingly easy, shockingly tasty and is now my new drinking best friend.

They make a number of compounds (24 by my count) and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next wild adventure.


*These could mess you up and you’ll read this back and call me a dirty liar. Sorry, bro.